NC State | Clinical Veterinary Pharmacy Resident

About the department

The core philosophy of the NC State Veterinary Hospital Pharmacy is that pharmacists are expected to make meaningful contributions to non-human patient care through hospital service, education, community service, and research. Optimal pharmaceutical care can be defined as the identification, resolution, and prevention of drug-related problems that affect positive patient outcomes. We believe that this is best provided through a team approach that effectively integrates the knowledge and skills of the pharmacist with those of other health care professionals. Our vision is to ensure the safe and optimal use of pharmaceuticals for all patients of the NC State Veterinary Hospital by having pharmacists provide a central and visible role in all aspects of medication management.

Essential job duties

Resident will participate and lead clinical rounds in both small animal, large animal, and exotic animal clinics. The Resident will perform drug utilization review on hospital patients. Time will be spent in the clinical pharmacy or clinical pharmacology laboratory providing drug information, preparing sterile and non-sterile compounds and chemotherapeutics agents, designing implementing and monitoring clinical drug studies. The resident will spend approximately 50% of time providing clinical pharmacy services, mentoring of APPE students, and responding to drug information queries; and approximately 50% of time in other activities including clinical service rotations, research activities, and outreach to North Carolina veterinarians and regulatory agencies.

Other responsibilities

Upon successful completion of this residency the resident will be eligible for Board Certification Specialty Status in International College of Veterinary Pharmacy.

A research project is required for this residency and presenting at the House Officers seminar series as well as at the annual meeting of the Society of Veterinary Hospital Pharmacists.

Minimum experience and education

Completion of a PharmD degree from an ACPE– accredited College of Pharmacy and current North Carolina Pharmacy License in good standing are required. Degrees and licenses in progress may be considered. All required degrees/licenses must be attained by date of hire.


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