Internship Program | Tampa General Hospital

Tampa General Hospital is starting to recruit for our next class of pharmacy interns beginning May 2021. Attached is our program description, application form, and scheduling details.  If you wouldn’t mind, please share this opportunity with your current first year student body classonly. The deadline for the application is Monday, March 1st, 2021 at 07:00 am.

Tampa General internship overview | Tampa General internship application | Tampa General internship brochure

We currently have pharmacy interns from the following colleges below.  They are great ambassadors for our program so feel free to have interested students contact our interns if there are any questions.  

Name Email School
Katlyn Etheridge UF
Joseph Fernandini USF
Indigo Moss USF
Alicia Brenner USF
Victoria Schwalm USF
Bailey Brogdon USF
Tasha Butler USF
Jaleesa DeKilder USF
Randy Esfahani USF
Jolanta Kuczek UF Orl
Lucas Abbruzese USF
Jessica Agalliu UF G
Stefan Cevallos USF
Ana-Maria Diaz USF
Trinh Nguyen USF
Tyler Palmer USF
Rachel VanZant USF