Walmart Specialty Pharmacy | Orlando, Florida

Walmart Specialty Pharmacy seeks a pre-graduate intern for a location in Orlando, Florida.

Job Description:

Walmart Specialty Pharmacy interns will experience an untraditional route of pharmacy that will jumpstart their career. The majority of new drug approvals are for specialty pharmaceuticals and specialty medications continue to account for a greater percentage of drug spend every year. This booming area of healthcare is key for professional development.

Pre-grad interns at Walmart Specialty Pharmacy will obtain experience working in patient care and prescription fulfillment, assist with clinical program development, learn and grow in pharmacy informatics, and gain exposure to practicing telehealth.

Interns will have the opportunity to work alongside pharmacists, registered nurses, community health workers, technicians, and executive leadership. The position will allow student pharmacists to work both in-person within the specialty pharmacy facility as well as conveniently from home. This is a paid position with competitive wages, benefits, and perks such as the Walmart discount.

Job Requirements:

  • Some weekend and weekday evening availability.
  • Commitment to working during breaks and summers.
  • Extreme drive to learn, grow, and improve patient care.
  • Fast and stable Wi-Fi connection at home.
  • Ability to work independently and time manage.
  • Ability to travel to the Walmart Specialty Pharmacy facility for training and work needs.


Contact for more information:

Jordan Almazan, PharmD, BCGP