University at Buffalo SPPS Fellowships

This 2-year fellowship is designed to develop postgraduates for a career in academic pharmacy, specifically those interested in a career as a non-tenure track (NTT) faculty member. We designed this as an alternative pathway to residency or a next step after completing a residency. The curriculum will include practice activities in area(s) of interest, teaching, research, service to the school and professional organizations, and leadership development programming, so the Fellow can develop their skills in each academic pillar representative of NTT faculty life. Graduates will have an opportunity to directly transition into a faculty position at our school!

A primary focus of this fellowship is to further broaden and diversify pharmacy faculty across the academy and we encourage applications from those who identify with historically underrepresented groups. We have approval to hire 4 fellows in the PAL Fellowship this year!

Additional information is available at:

UB SPPS Fellow Program Brochure_2022-23_full