2023-2024 Managed Care Residency Program

Good Afternoon!

My name is Katy Collins and I am the residency director for our PGY1 Managed Care Residency Program here at VIVA Health in Birmingham, Alabama.  We are not a part of the ASHP Match program or PhORCAS, so our application process looks a little bit different and as a result it is generally not on PharmD Candidates’ radar. In essence, it mirrors a typical job application. We just posted our two residency positions to our careers website, and I wanted to see if you would be willing to email the current P4 students with the link to where they can apply for the resident position if interested? I have attached an electronic copy of our Pharmacy Residency brochure which gives a detailed program description. Students that are interested can apply through the website and have their letters of reference and copies of their transcript emailed directly to me.  Also, you can direct any questions students may have to me.

Here is the link to the application website: http://www.vivahealthcareers.com/