PCP Industry & Education Fellowship Program Webinar

The Pharmaceutical Industry and Education Fellowship Program at Saint Joseph’s University’s Philadelphia College of Pharmacy is hosting on Thursday, May 25th from 7:30-8:30 PM EST about the pharmaceutical industry. The webinar will focus on providing an overview of the industry and discussing various functional areas, including Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, and Clinical Development.


We would love this information to be shared with students who are interested in learning more about the pharmaceutical industry. I have below a flyer about the webinar to this e-mail and below are some helpful links. Information about the program: https://sju.edu/pharmafellows

If there are any interested students/alumni who have any questions or would like to connect, my e-mail is ssenovaityte@sju.edu and ssenovai@its.jnj.com.

Please let me know if additional information is needed or you would like to discuss more about the fellowship opportunities at Saint Joseph’s University.


Thank you for your time!