Pharmacy Resident- Rockledge, FL

Description of the Position or Event
Provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care through integrated drug distribution, clinical pharmacy services and teaching under the direction of pharmacy residency preceptors. This position is part of a 12-month long, structured, post-graduate education and training program. The resident provides services consistent with other services provided by pharmacists at Health First. The pharmacy resident also provides comprehensive pharmaceutical care, clinical services and education.

Primary Accountabilities
1. Display initiative in preventing, identifying, and resolving pharmacy-related patient care problems
2. Determine and resolve any medication therapy problems including drugs without indications, medical conditions for which no therapy is prescribed, therapy inappropriate for medical condition, incomplete immunization record, inappropriate dose, dosage form, duration, schedule, route of administration, method of administration, therapeutic duplication, medication allergies, and clinically significant drug-drug, drug-disease, drug-nutrient, or drug laboratory test interactions.
3. Detects, monitors, documents and reports adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and medication errors.
4. Provide concise, applicable, and timely responses to requests for drug information from health care providers
5. Provides presentations, publications, and other informative activities on drug-related topics to the health care community and general public
6. Participates in performance improvement activities and initiatives
7. Provides cost-effective drug therapy alternatives to health care providers when appropriate
8. Promotes the use of cost effective, evidence-based medicines
9. Identify and implement population health initiatives where positive pharmacoeconomic impact could be achieved.
10. Develop and complete cost containment initiatives (e.g., MUEs) and report results to the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
11. Participate in formulary management and review of medication use processes through involvement in the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
12. Monitor the use of expensive medications to assure there is use consistent with approved criteria

Position Requirements
Education: Graduate of an accredited college of pharmacy in the United States

o Must have strong clinical background and diverse experience through APPE rotations.
o Knowledge of pharmacy workflow from processing claims to authorizing PA requests, formulary management, and filling prescriptions in any pharmacy practice setting.
o Familiarity with appropriate local, state, and federal pharmacy-related regulations.
o Detail-oriented with advanced analytical and problem-solving skills.
o Strong organization, time management and project management skills and multi- tasking abilities

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