Florida Diabetes Summer Camp Seeking Pharmacy Students

The Florida Diabetes Camp is seeking UF Pharmacy Students who may want concentrated experience with Pediatric Diabetic patients https://floridadiabetescamp.org/about-us/

The application is period is open: https://floridadiabetes.campintouch.com/ui/forms/application/staff/App for this Summer.

Staff Role and Responsibilities
Camp Counselor

Accountable to: On-site Camp Director and on-site Medical Director. Qualifications: Must be 19 or older and graduated from high school for at least one year. Preferable camping, childcare, and previous leadership experience. Has a passion for taking care of kids, has type 1 diabetes, is related to a person with diabetes, or demonstrates special interest in children with medical needs or the camp experience. Those with diabetes need to have an A1c less than 8.5% to be able to be a counselor.
Before Camp: Complete required paperwork and background check, familiarize yourself with basics of type 1 diabetes, complete required training before arriving to camp, and attend camp orientation.

During Camp: Cabin counselors are responsible to work with their co-counselors to ensure that campers with type 1 diabetes have a safe, supportive, and positive experience. This includes attending to campers’ daily medical needs and regularly consulting with the medical staff. They lead their campers in their daily activities such as arts and crafts, waterfront, sports and night activities; maintain cabin organization and encourage positive interactions among campers and staff. Unlike other typical counselors this role demands specialized knowledge and skills related to diabetes management and emotional support. These include but are not limited to blood glucose monitoring, insulin administration, learning diabetes technology, carbohydrate counting, emergency preparedness, managing fluctuations in glucose levels, educating and creating a safe space for campers to express their feelings and concerns related or not related to diabetes. Documentation and communication are integral to this role and counselors must maintain accurate records of medical data and communicate with medical staff to ensure care for campers. Counselors will work closely with camp staff to identify and resolve campers and/ or counselor problems. Through their dedication, counselors empower campers to thrive despite diabetes, embodying the camp’s mission of fostering resilience and a fulfilling life for these young individuals.

After Camp: Completed out take forms presented to parents, discuss camper medical history during camp with parents, ensure cabin is cleaned and medical supplies returned to nurses’ station, check in with recreational staff before leaving campgrounds, complete post-camp survey.