SMH Longitudinal Intern Program

Our pharmacy Internship program is tailored to offer a comprehensive learning experience that blends classroom education with hands-on training. At Sarasota Memorial Hospital, we are committed to fostering the clinical and professional growth of our interns, while helping them take the next step in their healthcare careers.

Here are some key highlights of our program:

Project Management Experience: Contributing to real-world projects allows interns to witness the direct impact of their efforts on improving patient care outcomes and organizational goals.  Project management enables interns to gain practical experience in time management, problem solving, and adaptability in a team building environment. 

Experienced Mentors: Our team of experienced pharmacists are dedicated to mentoring and guiding our interns throughout their internship journey. They provide invaluable insights and support to help interns develop the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the pharmacy profession.

Experiential Training: Interns have the opportunity to gain experience in various aspects of pharmacy practice, including medication dispensing in an inpatient environment, training for medication history interviewing, assisting pharmacists with clinical consults, and more.

We invite your students to explore the opportunities available through our pharmacy internship program. Attached is further information for those interested and details on how to proceed. click here for a direct link to the application.