Fellowship Program | Xcenda

We value our continued collaboration with your university and would appreciate your help in sharing the upcoming Xcenda fellowship and APPE application deadlines described below with any PharmD candidates who may be interested in applying (ie, P3 and P4 students).


Xcenda offers two unique fellowship programs operating out of our new office space in Carrollton, TX (25 miles North of Dallas):

  • 2-year, degree-granting Health Outcomes and Market Access fellowship (3 positions)
  • 2-year, degree-granting Medical Communications fellowship (1 position)

Interested candidates are encouraged to request an interview as soon as possible by completing an online application and submitting a letter of intent and an updated copy of their CV. The application is available at www.xcenda.com/fellowship and the deadline to apply is 11:59pm on Sunday, October 25, 2020.

For more information, a detailed fellowship brochure is available at: www.xcenda.com/fellowship



Xcenda is a global healthcare consulting organization focused on helping manufacturers prove the inherent value of lifesaving products and helping patients gain access to these innovative therapies.

Xcenda offers a number of unique opportunities for students pursuing a career in managed care, industry, consulting, or academia. Depending on their interests, students completing a fellowship, rotation, or internship at Xcenda will gain exposure and contribute to a variety of work types in collaboration with our Global Health Economics, Outcomes Research, Medical Communications, Strategic Market Intelligence, and Market Access teams.

A 1-hour recorded webinar with details about each of Xcenda’s student programs is available at: www.xcenda.com/careers-student-programs